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Mono Block Watering Vacuum Pump

Mono Block Watering Vacuum Pump.


Understanding the needs of our reputed customers we have designed this Mono Block Vacuum Pump. Our products are used in pharmaceuticals, food processing, oil, solvent, sugar, paper and lamination industries. Our Water Ring Vacuum Pumps are used wherever there is a need of evaporation, drying, pulverization or impregnation under vacuum. 

These Mono Block Vacuum Pumps find its applications: 
* Vacuum Filtration 
* Vacuum Distillation 
* Moisture Extraction 
* Vacuum Condensation 
* Evaporation Priming 
* Removing Water from Paper Pulp. 

The raw material used for manufacturing are complete cast iron, partial ph. bronze, complete ph. bronze partial ss-316, complete ss-316, cast iron with rubber lining. 

Features of these Mono Block Vacuum Pumps: 
* Dimensions and Specifications are approximate and subject to change. 
* The Power figures are for Vacuum Pumps only. 
* The Vacuum Pump performance possess 50% relative humidity with 30°C seal water temperature at 1.5 Kg/cm2   pressure. 
* Guaranteed vacuum up to 710 mm Hg at close suction and 760 mm barometric pressure. 
* Higher vacuum can be achieved by using chilled water as seal medium or ejectors. 
* Suction capacity mentioned is maximum suction capacity with open suction.
Sample Availability    :     Yes
Supplier Product Code :  UVT-01