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About Us To Unique Vacuum Technology

Vacuum Pumps Manufactures Unique Vacuum Technology started operation in year 2000 with the manufacturing of Vacuum Pumps in various sizes and capacity.

Unique Vacuum Technology is one of the leading vacuum pump manufacturers and suppliers in India. Providing Water ring vacuum pumps different size and capacity. Over the years, the company has seen exemplary growth and today it is one of finest quality vacuum pump manufactures with production capacity up to 2025 m^3/hr. Unique Vacuum Technology has successfully maintained the highest levels of customer satisfaction through the influx of quality control.


To compete in the National market through excellent product quality and incorporation of designs that match International requirements.


At the heart of the splendid success of Unique Vacuum Technology lies the dedicated focus to high end quality.Through experience and engineering excellence, the company has achieved perfect design, consistent performance, durability and economy of the pumps.


  1. Ceramics
  2. Chemical
  3. Electric Power
  4. Environmental
  5. Food & Beverages
  6. Medical
  7. Metal
  8. Mining
  9. Oil & Gas
  10. Packing
  11. Petroleum Refining
  12. Pharmaceutical
  13. Plastics
  14. Printing
  15. Pulp & Paper
  16. Textile
  17. Wood Working


  1. Water Ring Vacuum Pumps
  2. Mono Block Vacuum Pumps
  3. Two Stage Vacuum Pumps
  4. Twin Lobe Roots Blowers

Services & Spares of Vacuum Pumps & Root Blowers.


Services & Spares of V.T. Pumps & H.S.C. Pumps.


  • Installing Water Ring Vacuum Pump
  • Effect of altitude on negative pressure(vacuum)
  • Useful Pressure Unit Conversion
  • Cavitations in Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump used in Condenser Venting Service

Can Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump creates vacuum up to 760 mm Hg.